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Innovating the Status Quo

Why Libertas


We Fill a Void

Online camps have faltered in the past years. With the majority of previous founders now entering the work force, it is time for a new camp to fill that gap in education. Adjacently, expensive camps have consolidated and become the only alternatives left in what was supposed to be a free market for all debaters in America. Libertas, meaning freedom in Latin, signifies our mission of giving debaters a meaningful alternative and opening debate curriculum beyond what is the norm.



Redefining Camps

Bridging Two Worlds

Some parts of your camp experience won't change: an elite, nationally ranked staff, office hours to learn individually, a promise for equity in classrooms, and an intimate instructor to student ratio. What Libertas Debate will add is a unique vision for innovation, expert guidance, and a curated way to improve and stay in touch even after camp ends. 

Innovation is Key

Innovation is the driving force behind a revolutionized debate education. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and teaching sets us apart, providing students with a dynamic learning environment that adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of the activity. Our students navigate the challenges of the modern world, fostering critical thinking, adaptability, and a profound mastery of persuasive communication.

Learn Impact

Our staff aren't just great debaters, they are great leaders too. Learn how

they went beyond competing in debate, and became founders of debate organizations, directors of camps, and innovators with business. We will never sacrifice your competitive debate education, we will simply open you to new ways of participating in the activity to new heights.

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