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William Hong



University of Pennsylvania M&T

Debated For:

Top Achievement:

2022 Gold TOC Champion

Fun Fact: 

Loves crayfish catching

Instructor Bio:

William Hong debated for Brentwood High School in Nashville, TN and now privately coaches individual partnerships across the country. Most notably, he amassed over 13 career bids to the TOC in just two years, won the 2022 Gold Tournament of Champions, and placed 5th at NSDA Nationals. Additionally, he championed numerous national tournaments like the Ivy Street Round Robin, Mid America Cup, and Manchester Essex while reaching deep outrounds at tournaments like Emory, Sunvite, Glenbrooks, and UK. As a private coach, his students have accumulated 10 gold bids, were ranked 5th in the nation, and received RR invites to Harvard, Blake, Durham, and Blue Key. He's so excited to coach at Libertas Debate this summer!

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