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Sienna Vaughn

Head of Outreach


Flintridge Prep

Debated For:

Top Achievement:

2021-2022 TOC Bid Leader

Fun Fact:

LOVE LOVE LOVES board games

Instructor Bio:

Sienna is a senior at Flintridge Preparatory School in La Cañada, California. She started Public Forum in 7th grade, qualifying to TOC and NSDA Nationals her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. She has accumulated 23 career bids to the Tournament of Champions and has been ranked first nationally by the NSDA in Public Forum points and the NDCA, winning the Tim Averill Cup for season long excellence her junior year. Her and her partner went 7-0 in Gold TOC prelims, got 3rd place at NSDA nationals, were California State Champions, and have reached late elimination rounds at many tournaments such as Glenbrooks, Ivy Street Round Robin, Yale, Berkeley, James Logan, UK, and more. She is overall captain of her school’s 95-person speech and debate team and has spent years teaching public forum at over five debate programs. She can't wait for this summer!

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