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Sam Chen



Harvard University

Debated For:

Top Achievement:

Ranked Top 6 in the Nation

Fun Fact:

Has never broken a bone

Instructor Bio:

Sam Chen debated competitively at Boston Latin for six years, obtaining 7 TOC bids from reaching quarterfinals at the Columbia Invitational, semifinals at the Lexington Invitational, and numerous other national tournaments. He qualified to NSDAs three times, Gold TOC two times, and NCFLs two times, reaching quarterfinals at NCFL in 2021 and was seeded 4th at NSDAs in 2023. He was the Top Speaker at the Milo Cup and 2nd Speaker at Sunvite in 2022. He has four years of experience running camps, having taught at seven camps including Nova, Outreach Debate, and FDA during his winter and summer breaks. His students have gone on to break into deep elimination rounds, become leaders in the activity, and qualify to the Tournament of Champions. He has worked closely with Nova Debate and Outreach Debate, and loves to help the next generation of leaders in speech and debate!

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