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Ilan Arias



NSU University School

Debated For:

Top Achievement:

Ranked 1st in the nation

Fun Fact:

Cannot tie his shoes

Instructor Bio:

Ilan Arias engaged in competitive debate at NSU University School for four years, securing 13 TOC bids by reaching finals at prestigious tournaments such as the Glenbrooks Invitational, University of Kentucky Season Opener, TOC Digital #1, Peach State Classic, and various other national competitions. He qualified for NSDA and earned Gold TOC honors twice, along with three qualifications for Florida States, reaching Octas at the TOC in 2023 and claiming victory at Florida States the same year. Notably, he achieved the top Z-Score Speaker position at the Bronx Invitational and Nova Titan Invitational. With three years of teaching experience, Ilan instructed at the Outreach Debate Summer Camp and served as the PF captain, guiding novices at his school. His expertise extends to participation in over 10 round robins, achieving notable placements such as 2nd at the Ivy Street Round Robin and 3rd speaker, as well as 2nd at the Blake Round Robin and 4th speaker.

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