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Fiona Hu



Cary Academy

Debated For:

Top Achievement:

Yale & Harvard RR Semifinalist

Fun Fact:

Can name a Lana Del Ray song under 1 second

Instructor Bio:

Hi! My name is Fiona Hu and I debated at Cary Academy for 4 years! Currently, I semifinaled Yale, Laird Lewis, and Harvard Round Robin, quarterfinaled UK, octofinaled Durham and GMU, and broke at Harvard, Glenbrooks, and Emory. I have been ranked as high as 5th in the nation. I focus on mainly on K debate, but I also love a good lay round! When I'm not debating, I'm listening to Lana Del Rey, dancing (Chinese Classical Dance), and watching movies. I can't wait to work with everyone this summer!

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